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August 10, 2022

So, you got a new phone.

I got an email this week that I’m eligible for an early upgrade on my phone. Tempting! It seems that phones, along with other electronics become outdated every year. I’ve decided not to get a new phone right now, but I started thinking about all the old phones I have stashed away in the closet and the best way to get rid of them.

Just like your computer, there’s a lot of personal information in our phones. If you plan to pass your phone off to someone else, make sure you clear off your phone. The best way to do this would be to factory reset it. This will take it back to the state it was when you first got it.

Some cell phone providers will allow you to trade in your old phone for a new one. Version has a trade in program that gives you a voucher that can be used against the purchase of a new phone.

You can sell your phone on eBay or craigslist, but there are also specialty websites like where you can sell or buy used phones.

You can donate your phone for a good cause. will recycle your old phone and use the money to help families battling cancer. Verizon’s Hopeline Program accepts used cell phones in support of victims of domestic violence. Check with your cell phone provider to see if they have programs for donating your old phone.

No matter how you decide to dispose of any devices, clear out your personal data before you give, sell, or donate them. There’s always the back of the closet!

Have a good week!


Kathie Pearce
ComputerFAQ - #115

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You want me to do what?
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How I Came To Write This Weekly Column

When I took over the ComputerFAQ business from Robert, he told me that the job also came with writing a weekly article for the Shopper.  Now I knew about Robert’s article, and I read it weekly, but my stomach was immediately inundated with very large butterflies when I found out that I would be writing for other people to read.
I hadn’t written anything outside of instruction briefings and meeting notes in my previous job. Those things were easy-step one do this, step two, etc.  But actually, writing an article was totally new to me.  Several people offered to pre-read the articles before they were published but even this seemed terrifying to me. What if I really stink at it?

I made it through my first introductory article without the walls caving in on me. I didn’t get any hate mail or hysterical laughter from anyone that I knew that read it. Whew, made it. But then it dawned on me that I had to do it again, and again… oh dear.

Well, fast forward almost two years and I’m still writing! I have to admit that some weeks I have a hard time coming up with new material, but I thoroughly enjoy the process.  I’ve had several people tell me they cut out some of my articles and save them for reference! That is such a wonder to me, and I am very grateful to my readers for their thoughtfulness and to The Shopper for allowing me to continue providing information to you.

Happy 46th Anniversary Shopper!
Computer Faq Gal

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Kathie Pearce

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