David Rabe Bunting, Packwood, Washington, Publisher White Pass Highway Shopper Newspaper, Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor, Former Real Estate Broker, Former U.S. Forest Service Project Engineer, Presbyterian Elder, Eagle Scout

Dave Bunting

E-Mail: dave@highwayshopper.com

Newspaper Publisher, now partly retired


After growing up in central Illinois and attending the U. of I. for 2 years, in 1958 I got a summer job as a road survey crew member for the U. S. Forest Service in Packwood, WA. With stints at the University of Washington, I pursued an engineering career in the Forest Service until 1972, when I resigned rather than accept manditory transfer away from this beautiful area. Already working part-time as a real estate associate since 1968, I opened my own real estate office in 1977 and also operated a Land Surveying and Civil Engineering practice. In 1987, I purchased the White Pass Highway Shopper, a weekly tabloid newspaper. Now in 2011, I continue to operate the newspaper, though working 20-30 hours weekly on a partly-retired basis. I am a Christian, and have served as Elder, Treasurer, Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher, etc. in my Presbyterian Church for over 50 years. (See my FaceBook profile for explanation of my ceasing participation in this church.)

Interests, Activities & Plans

My newspaper has trended heavily toward computer graphics and electronic publishing. We have always been MacIntosh users; I am reasonably skilled at all MacIntosh operations, am familiar with most kinds of MacIntosh software, do hardware repairs down to component level on the seven Macs and one PC we use daily in publishing the paper. (I also have three Macs and one PC in operation at home.) Since late 1996 I've published parts of the paper via the Worldwide Web. I pioneered the transmission of our newspaper product to our printer via the internet and believe my Highway Shopper Newspaper was the first newspaper in Washington State to do so, except for USA Today. Now and for the past several years, as I've retired, the newspaper has mostly been under the management of Erica Emerson, Production Manager, who will own the paper in the near future.

Other Interesting Things

I enjoy all outdoor activities, including fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, shooting, prowling the beach and forests, carpentry and gardening.

I enjoy live theater and concerts, especially of Christian performers. I've sung in church choirs most of my life and directed my church choir for five years in the early 1980's. Years ago I was a dance gig and concert trumpet player, a member of the American Federation of Musicians.

Since 1994 I've been a member of a Christian singles group in the Seattle area and attend activities with them frequently. Gloria my wife of 16 years died of a sudden stroke in 1992, and I have been single since then.

Registered Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor, Washington and Oregon. Licensed Real Estate Broker (currently inactive.) State certified operator of public water systems. Member of the 1972 Washington State Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Geologic Hazards in the State of Washington. Eagle Scout. Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity. Patron Member, National Rifle Association. Certified SCUBA diver.

I still have to finish my college degree. At the University of Illinois 1956-1958 and at the University of Washington 1959-1962, I completed all the science and math requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science- Physics, and was partway through the senior year of requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science- Mathematics, and my application for degree BS Physics was approved subject to completion of 10 non-technical elective correspondence credits in Economics and Psychology, but I've never completed those credits-- I've been having too much fun in Packwood. I still hope one day to complete those credits.

I served six years in U.S. Army National Guard 1961-1967, Computer Operator, Nike Ajax and Hercules (nuclear-capable) Anti-aircraft Missile Artillery, 205th Artillery Regiment, Battery B, Midway WA, highest rank PFC, highest clearance Secret, honorably discharged. While serving, some of the officers twisted my arm to go to Officers Candidate School; I looked into it but never did it.

E-Mail: dave@highwayshopper.com

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