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March 13, 2013

This week: Helpful Equipment

I’ve had opportunity to test some equipment in the past month that might be of interest to some of my readers.
The first is a cell phone signal booster. Our move to Glenoma came with poor cell phone signals in our house, and experimenting revealed four signals when outside the house. I then ordered from Amazon a zBOOST SOHO Cell Phone Signal Booster. Installation is easy, with an outside antenna, 50ft of Coax cable, and an X7-inch booster box with antenna. I put the outside antenna in a good spot to receive cell phone signals, then ran the cable to the booster, plugged in the power and now have 5 bars and no dropped calls. Battery life improved because the phone is not searching for a signal all the time. It is a bit expensive at $130.00, but it is worth it for me to be able to talk to my clients.
Other devices are Wi-Fi signal boosters, and I have tested and installed two different styles. The first is just like the cell phone booster; it plugs into an electrical outlet, receives the Wi-Fi signal from your home router, then boosts it and resends it out for another 100 feet or so. This device has to be close enough to your home router to be able to see and repeat the signal, and works very well in a house environment. This costs from $40 to $80.
The third device is a “Powerline Network Extender.” This device has two styles; one extends your Ethernet cable from your DSL modem, and the other one extends your wireless signal. These devices use the home’s electrical wiring to extend your network. There is a transmitter that connects to your DSL modem or router and plugs into any house A/C outlet and a receiver that can be plugged into any A/C outlet; the transmitter then looks for the receiver, and, when they linkup, you can either connect an Ethernet cable into the receiver and connect to your PC, or if you use the wireless style, you can connect your PC to the wireless network. I tested this one from my house to my garage and had excellent signal in the garage. I can see this being used in a house-to-barn situation. These run from $100 to $200.
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