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February 20, 2013

More help with viruses

If 2013 is going to be the worst year ever for viruses, I thought looking for programs to help protect our PCs would be the most proactive response on my part. TrendMicro, a very good antivirus company, has several free programs to help protect both your PC and your Smartphones. In your browser enter and scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on “Free Antivirus Tools” or enter This page opens to the Apps for Smartphone; to get to the PC programs, click on the “Clean up and Protection” tab. TrendMicro has six programs to help protect your PC or to check for viruses on it. First is RootKitBuster. Root Kits are a type of virus that hides in your PC, serving as a backdoor to it for a hacker; with it, he/she can do anything on your PC that you can from the keyboard, and more. They can capture keystrokes, and this virus will go looking for other viruses to install on your PC for other hackers. This program scans your PC for any known Root Kits. The next is “RUBotted,” and this program scans your PC for “Bots.” Bots can turn your PC in to a “Zombie,” a PC that floods some company’s servers with data to cause a “Denial of Service” condition. This program also starts when your PC is started and continuously looks for Bots trying to hack your PC. Next is “HouseCall.” This is a standard antivirus scanner, with the advantage that its virus definition file is as current as possible at the time it is being run, while other programs require updating manually or waiting for the nightly update to be current. I use this one after I have used “Microsoft Security Essentials” and “Malwarebytes” scanners. I feel between these three programs, the PC is as clean as possible. The “Browser Guard” does the same thing most all browsers do now and checks every web site viewed and makes sure they have not been found as being dangerous. “Email Encryption Service” Codes your email in a non-readable form while being transmitted, a good idea if you email sensitive data.

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